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Offset Printing house fast strong 7

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we provide service on offset printing house .

phone and whatsapp number for your orders regarding offset printing house  905309001082

Our subcontracting offset printing house services are offered fast and with high quality

Our offset printing house  products are business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, boxes, flayer, addition, letterhead and many more


What is Offset Printing? What is its Working Principle?

Offset printing is the most preferred printing technique that has been used for more than a century. It provides the opportunity to print many materials very quickly.

Offset printing is a printing technique used to print images on the paper surface. Business card billboards can be applied to paper or similar materials in many sizes as well as brochures. It is the most

It provides the opportunity to print many materials very quickly.

Offset printing is a printing technique used to print images on the paper surface.

Business card billboards can be applied to paper or similar materials in many sizes as well as brochures. It is the most common printing technique today.

It is a preferred method in printing systems that require a large number of prints at the same time such as newspapers, magazines, books, business cards. We can encounter offset printing applications in thousands of materials that we can always encounter in the business world and in our daily life.

common printing technique today.

offset printing

fast and strong offset printing service

Unlike other printing techniques, the surface to be printed and the surface to be printed are also called “flat printing” or “indirect printing” since they are of equal height. Its English is “offset” and it is translated from Turkish as “offset printing”.

What are the Features?

Today, it is a technique used in many printing applications such as newspapers, books, magazines, brochures, business cards, invoices and cardboard packages.

Many prints can occur at the same time. Fabricated or hand-made molds can be used.

Fabricated molds are always more costly but of high quality than those prepared by hand. For this reason, printing is better in fabricated molds. Different color pieces in offset printing devices allow printing different colors at the same time. Thanks to the units that give blue, black, yellow and color, we can tone the desired colors during printing.


The platen, where the printing process is applied and has a rubber layer, is called “blanket”. While preparing the mold, Computer To Plate (CTP) technique called “exposure from computer to paper” is used. In this technique, the image or picture prepared on the computer is directly passed into the molds.


Thanks to the CTP technique, many patterns can be prepared with very little margin of error in a very short time. history The offset printing was found in 1904 by the American Ira W. Rubel. Rubel accidentally discovered offset printing while working on a rotary machine during the stone press development work. In 1907,


Caspar Harman in Germany prepared the first sheet offset and rotary offset machine project for the first time according to the three-cylinder system. These offset machines were used until the First World War. Printing jobs that stopped during the war. It continued after the war.

In the 1930s, offset printing applications started to increase. After the Second World War, a positive copy pattern system was developed. After this date, offset printing systems and machines were developed in parallel with the developments in technology.

What Is The Working Principle?

The working principle of offset printing is generally very simple. In principle, it is a technique in which water and ink do not mix.

Ink or paint is printed indirectly on paper. It shows many similarities with the stone printing (lithography) technique.

Mold surface is flat and there are no height differences on the mold. In other words, the surface to be printed and the surface to be printed are of equal height.

The metals used in the parts of the device hold ink and repel water according to their properties.

The surface of the paper to be printed is covered with the emulsion layer.

Another name for the emulsion is “liquid suspension”. It is a mixture of two liquids that do not dissolve in each other. One of the liquid is the dispersed phase and the other is dispersed in the liquid.

The non-printing surface of the paper is not covered with emulsion. The surface to be printed holds ink, and the other surface holds water with micrometric pores called “grain pits”. Meanwhile, water and ink do not mix and come into play.

In offset printing, the reason for holding water in empty areas is the presence of micro pores in these areas that hold the water. The areas where the ink is held are flat and no water can hold on this surface.

This creates ink printing on the printed surface. Since other empty areas, ie “grain holes” areas are filled with water, they cannot hold the ink in that area, and thus only the desired areas are printed.



more information abouth Offset Printing house;



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