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Kurumsal Kimlik Baskıları

we can produce colorfull Letterhead envelope

We can print any amount of Letterhead envelopes. It can be 1 or 1000 pieces.

letterhead envelope is the name given to the envelopes that companies use in their corporate business.

Diplomat envelopes; It is used in corporate correspondence, in the company and in the sending of the companies to their customers.

The main function of this product is to add value to the brand and increase the trust in the brand in this way by creating a corporate image.

There are two types of diplomat envelopes; one of them is a windowed diplomat envelope with recipient information on it, and the other is a windowless diplomat envelope, on which recipient information can be written or affixed with a label. Diplomat envelopes with windows are generally preferred for envelopes that will be sent by post / cargo.

There is adhesive silicone on the ear part of diplomat envelope, you can stick the ear of the envelope when you remove the thin paper on it.

You can quickly place your diplomat envelope orders from our place of residence with our company. In this way, you do not have to go to the printing house and pay exorbitant prices whenever you need it. Orders placed online by our company will be printed as soon as possible and sent to your address with free shipping.

Things to consider before ordering diplomat envelope

Including your company’s logo, address, and phone number on diplomat envelopes allows your customers to contact you easily.
While preparing your design, you should take care to work in a format suitable for printing. Therefore, remember that you can use ready made diplomat envelope templates free of charge while preparing your design.

You should not forget that one-sided printing will be made on envelopes. It is not possible to print on the back and the ears.

When determining the number of print colors, you should consider the number of colors used in your logo.
The brand of the envelope is Oyal, the brand information is written inside and in the ear.

Important: It is recommended that you do not make your design printed on the entire floor. As stated in the templates, you must leave 11 mm free space in the design from above.

When you work on the whole printed design, the result will be given in the example below.



more information abouth this product



more information abouth this product from us : https://www.umutipek.com/letterhead-envelopes/

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Letterhead envelope
we can print Letterhead envelope we can produce colorfull Letterhead envelope We can print any amount of Letterhead envelopes. It can be 1 or 1000 pieces.
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